This cute Hydrangea Easter Bunny will be the focus of all attention. At 15 inches tall, this sitting rabbit is a beautiful Easter decoration you are sure to love.

The Great Backyard Bird Count and Gifts for Bird Lovers

The Great Backyard Bird Count is currently underway.  It is a wonderful activity that even young kids can participate in.  If you have an avid bird watcher in your family and have difficulty finding unique gifts for them, these resin birds may be your answer!

Holiday Expo and Dachshund Ornaments

We just returned from the annual holiday show and are placing our orders for Christmas 2017!  By popular demand, we have created a new Winter Sports Dachshund Ornament set.  Keep an eye out on our site to see when they are available to order and order quickly--they will sell out.

winter sport dachshund ornaments

Easter Wreath

An elegant Easter wreath that is sure to be noticed

.Easter Wreath

Butterflies and Bobeches

Planning a wedding? The price to purchase items to incorporate as decorations for your ceremony or reception is often less than what you are charged when you "rent" them or use them from a professional decorator.  You'd be surprised at how easy it is to add a few of your own personal touches to your special day and how much money you can save by doing so.


Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day decorations at my house used to consist solely of homemade cut out hearts taped to windows or hung with ribbons from anything that would support them (at kid height).  These homemade decorations are still prominent in my house, but we've added a few items that definitely steal the show when we have visitors.

Christmas Birds

I decided to add some new Christmas ornaments to my Christmas tree this year. I had no idea how much my kids were going to fall in love with these little white birds!

Glitter Angels

At Perfectlyfestive.com we love it when customers send us photos of our products on display at their house.  A customer gave us permission to show off a photo of our red Glitter Angels on display at their house--we think you'll love it as much as we do!


Cardinals have long been known as the "Christmas Bird" for their vibrant red color.  A glimpse of this bird brings cheer to all- and what could be better than having a Cardinal-themed Christmas tree.