Is That A Turkey On Your Mantel?

Before I had kids or hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, I never noticed how hard it is to find cute Thanksgiving decorations.  It seems most stores go straight from Halloween to Christmas (aside from a few Thanksgiving stickers or gels that stick to windows).  So, for the longest time, at my house most Thanksgiving decorations were handmade. I am talking homemade pilgrim hats and turkeys made of rainbow feathers all over the house.  I was so excited this year to see the cute and durable Thanksgiving decorations that our design team found and put together.  The turkeys and Thanksgiving sprays that go with them are spectacular!  So, if you are like me and have been looking everywhere for cute and durable Thanksgiving decorations, look no further!  You will be so pleased with your purchase. And, when someone asks you "is that a turkey on your mantel?" you can proudly answer back, "why yes it is!".  (PS- these turkeys also make cute centerpieces on your dining table.)

November 14, 2012 by Anne Donnelly
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