Oh Deer...

They say this is the season of owls (and,if you have seen the cute owls on our site, you will understand what I am talking about), but in my mind nothing says Christmas like the image of Santa and reindeer.  If you search on our site, you will find a number of different styles of deer.  For some reason, this particular set inspired me to create a whole new Christmas scene on a table by my entryway.  They look so elegant and just capture your attention the moment you lay your eyes on them. 

When my friends come to my house they are constantly amazed at the number of decorations I put up for different holidays. When I grew up, my mom always decorated our house for various holidays and I remember loving it (since there weren't many things available then, she made most of them).  Unfortunately, I am not very crafty so I have made it my mission to find high quality decorations that will last.  Each year, I purchase a few more items to supplement the base that I have accumulated over the years.  Probably the number one question I get from my friends, is how do I know what will match together?  And, I guess my best answer is that I add to my collection based on what moves me.  This year, it was a combination of the gingerbread houses, the owls and their complementing scenery, and these deer.  They are joining Christmas trees, Santas, Nativity Scenes, and Snowmen.  As long as you think they are cute, they  just seem to have a way of working well together.


November 19, 2012 by Anne Donnelly
Tags: deer owl Owl spray
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