According to Wikipedia (my new favorite site to research random tidbits of information) the record for the world's largest snowman was set in 2008 in Bethel, Maine. The snow-woman stood 122 feet 1 inch (37.21 m) in height, and was named in honor of Olympia Snowe, the senior Republican U.S. Senator representing Maine.The previous record was also a snowman built in Bethel, Maine, in February 1999. The snowman was named "Angus, King of the Mountain" in honor of the then current governor of Maine, Angus King. It was 113 feet 7 inches (34.62 m) tall and weighed over 9,000,000 pounds!

Now, these snowmen aren't nearly as big as these "real" ones, but they are much cuter.  I have all three on a table in my entryway. These are some of the most popular decorations for the season.  There is something about Frosty that just helps ring in the holiday.  Don't miss out on these, as they are sure to go quick!

December 02, 2012 by Anne Donnelly
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