What is a Swag?

 I find it hard to believe that Christmas is just a week away.  It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the wonderful Christmas items we had ordered---back in July!! With that said, I've had several people ask me what a swag is, and what do you do with it?  

 Swags are kind of like garlands...or pieces of garlands.  A lot of times, florists will use them to make an arrangement "pop" when you look at it.  Some swags-as you'll see on our site- have creatures like white owls, or fruit, or just look like branches with jewels on them.  There are a lot of really cool things you can do with them.  I have several different types of "swags" that I put in my Christmas tree.  If you look at the decorated trees on our site, you can see how we have incorporated them.  Everyone that comes into my house comments on how spectacular the tree is each year, and I can honestly say it is because of the "swags" that I have incorporated.

This year, I added a new garland to my staircase.  I began with a plain light up pine garland and added different "swags" and some ornaments to it. I used florist wire that I purchased at Michaels to secure everything.  I used the white and tiffany poinsettias, some of the ornaments from the Forest Frost collection, a few of the evergreen sprays, and some of the bead sprays. Then, I wove a large gold wire ribbon through it.  It sounds like I am an incredibly crafty person, but let me be honest, I am not. I have four kids under age 7, so it was INCREDIBLY easy and quick or I never would have accomplished it. Plus, the kids have gone up and down the staircase numerous times and nothing has fallen off.  I have received lots of complements on it and people have asked me where I bought it!  Don't be afraid of the sprays! Start off small (get a few to place in your tree--I usually put them in the "bare spots" that inevitably are there), then, get brave and try to make some of your own arrangements. People will be convinced that you have hired a decorator!!

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