I remember growing up and helping my grandma make traditional holiday meals. One of my favorite things that she made was her homemade cinnamon rolls. We would have those for breakfast on Christmas morning, and if we were lucky, for Easter as well.  Part of the process involved covering up a bowl full of dough with a light towel.  The towels that she used were ones that she had made. I remember them vividly, having studied the colorful flowers she had stitched on them.  They were towels she had made from old flour sacks from long ago.  The towels were very soft, lightweight and just the sight of them, brought joy because I knew we would be cooking something amazing.

Imagine my surprise when at a recent show, I came across some towels - not just any towels - but flour sack towels! I was so excited. I truly thought that these did not exist any longer.  Whether you do baking, are looking for decorative towels, or the best towels to dry dishes, you will see why I absolutely love these towels!!

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