How To Make A Charming Easter Display



This is one of the most elegant Easter displays I have seen recently -- it has the perfect mix of elegance and whimsy with the gingerbread rabbit.  The best part, is how easy it is to create!  Here is what you will need to create it.

Start with a decorative vase. We used a white one in this display, but you can use anything you might have on hand.  We recommend white or a pastel color.  You will then need some sprays to put in the vase. Here is what we used:

The RAZ Imports 29" Easter Egg Spray.  You will need at least two of these.  Our display has 2.  You will also need two green leaf sprays. 


In front of the arrangement on the table, we used regular green grass that you would place in an Easter basket.  On it, we placed various sizes of the glitter Easter Eggs.

You will want to scatter these glittered eggs all over the grass in front of the arrangement that you just created. Now, last but definitely not least, are the stars of your arrangement. The Cookie Rabbits. There are two sizes, so you can decide if you want to use just one or two. In our arrangement, we incorporated both. If you want to use just one, we recommend the large one, which has been linked to on the picture below.

Now, you will have a charming Easter display of your own!  As we've said in previous posts, don't be afraid to experiment and create wonderful designs of your own.  If you have created an elegant Easter display utilizing some of our products, please send us a picture. We'd love to see them!

March 27, 2013 by Anne Donnelly
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