Two More Days...!

Each morning my children wake up and announce to me how many days are left until Easter.  This morning, I discovered that they (my 7 and 5 year old) have actually "updated" one of my Easter displays and made an easy countdown.  They told me they did this so their younger sister and brother could see how many days until the Easter Bunny comes.  Their countdown is actually really cute so I wanted to share it with you.

This is on my fireplace mantel.  The rabbit (with the birdhouse and blue bird) was already there in the center as the "Easter Bunny".  They added the Metal Bobble Rooster and the Bobble Bunny.  Next year, I think I'm going to build upon this and let them create a bigger countdown using the "Easter Friends" that they like.  All of the items above were bought at Perfectly Festive.  Here are photos of each item up close (and in much better resolution than the one I took!)

The Beloved Bobble Bunny

The Metal Bobble Rooster

The Easter Bunny I have is one I bought last year.  Unfortunately, this particular one isn't available any longer, but there are some really cute ones that were released this year. In fact, I almost replaced it with one of these. When you see how cute they are, you'll see why I was so tempted!

These rabbits are much taller than the bobble bunny and chick, which is what makes it such a terrific centerpiece.  The one thing to note, is since these rabbits are made of resin, they are somewhat heavy and kids can break them.  I think that is why my kids love the bobble bunnies and chicks so much-- they are made of metal and they truly do bobble (or bounce). So, in my kids minds, they really want to be touched and moved around the house.  I think it is neat to see how creative they can be and how excited they are when they create a new holiday scene.  So, be sure to create your own countdown!

March 29, 2013 by Anne Donnelly
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