Patriotic Decorations Not to Miss!

 This year, several of our suppliers came out with really cute patriotic decorations.  We've combined them and made really cute patriotic displays that you can duplicate at home easily without breaking the bank.

This mantel display is so easy to create and truly becomes the "star" of the show for any Memorial Day, Presidents Day, or 4th of July party that you might have at your house.  This arrangement looks so elaborate, but is so easy to create you and your friends will be amazed.  To create this arrangement, you will need one pot, or, in our case, a blue urn to begin with. Unfortunately, we sold out of these early, so you will  have to be creative in what you start out with.  (I really like something blue or red personally.)

For the arrangement, you will need:


30" Star Sprays - 2 red, 2 blue and 2 white


36" Raz Imports Patriotic Spray with Balls- 4 total


Raz Imports 4' Patriotic Ball Garland- 3 total for our display (but configure to size of your mantel or display area)


You will want to arrange all of the sprays in the vase.  I alternated the stars and balls and then, when I had them in the vase, fanned them out to try and make them look as "free-form" as possible.  I put the vase on my mantel, and then took 3 of the Patriotic Ball garlands and loosely draped them across the front of my mantel.  I cannot tell you how many complements I have received on this display so far.  The best part, is how easy it was to actually put together.  My kids are thrilled to see decorations for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and have already begun counting down.  I think they are mostly excited about it being a day off from school, but I must admit that I am proud to be able to say that I have decorations up for Memorial Day that the kids and I both like!  Good luck in making your own arrangements! I'd love to see some different ideas people have come up with, so please let me know what you've done. I'm always looking for new ideas! I'll post another one I came across that I thought was cute in a few days!





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