A Patriotic Display That Can't Be Missed

 Just what is it about some decorations that makes them stand out from others?  I'm still not sure about this myself.  Whether it is the contrasting heights of elements that are used, colors, mix of patterns--whatever it is, sometimes things just work so well together, you can't help but notice them.  That is how this next display is ---something about it, just works. Oh, and did I mention that the hats light up? Oh yes they do!

This Patriotic Hat arrangement really does steal the show. If you look at the components that make it individually, they are cute. But, when they are all together like this, they truly are magnificent!  Here is what was used:

Raz Imports 10.5" Lighted Uncle Sam Hats

These hats light up and, like moths to a flame, will draw the attention of any child (or young at heart adult).  For the display, we used all 3 hats and stacked them, with the top hat flipped upside down so that some sprays could be placed inside. Yes, even upside down, it still lights up spectacularly!

Inside the hat you can use florist tape to help prop up the sprays, or just put the sprays in to fall where they may. The florist tape (or foam) will help them be propped up like you see in this photo.  You can get florist tape at Michaels and other craft supply stores.

We are out of the initial pom poms that were used to make this display, but these Raz Imports 25" Glittered Patriotic Pom Poms will look just as glamorous. You will want to order 3 of them.

Raz Imports 25" Red, White, and Blue Pom Pom Spray


Next, you will want to order 2 red and 2 blue of the silver ball sprays.  

Raz Imports 26" Red, Silver, and Blue, Ball Spray 



 If you really want to light up your party, be sure to get the lighted Patriotic Garland.  It looks great over doorways, on mantels, and even as a highlight to your buffet table.

 Raz Imports 81.5" Lighted Patriotic Garland

I hope this gives you more ideas of what you can create for the patriotic holidays coming up. Don't be afraid to mix and match. 

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