Embellish Your Story

I've been meeting more and more moms lately that are really into scrapbooking.  The books they have created are spectacular, to say the least, and the amount of time they spend on making them is quite amazing. Especially, since they must find this time after little ones are asleep and in between getting the house ready for a new day.  Lately, I've heard more and more about scrapbooking weekends. Moms bring boxes of photos and their supplies and they all go away together for a three day weekend to a remote house.  By the end of the weekend they each produce a completed scrapbook of the years activities (in between the glasses of wine).  

Here is an example of a page of a scrapbook.  I found this picture online, but it is just like the pages some of my friends have made. The amount of time to create it- is amazing- and the detail is always spectacular.  Each and every page of the photo album is unique and like this--truly a work of art.


 Since I know so many moms that are into this, when I saw the Embellish Your Story products, I knew they would be a hit.  They are perfect gifts. I usually give my parents and my husband's parents photos of the kids for the holidays and as gifts throughout the year. Imagine making a scrapbook page that can be displayed.  You begin with a photo frame and have a large variety of scrapbooking supplies that you can use to customize it into your own creation.  The frame is magnetic, and all of the borders, letters, words and decorations are magnetic pieces that you can stick on it. You can create new ones each time, or gift new pieces so that those that own one can change the words on the outside to match the new pictures you have sent.  The more I've played with them, the more I'm into it.  First of all, it is easier to complete one page than it is a full book (at least in my opinion). And, I must admit, I take great pride in the feedback I've gotten from people that have seen them in my book case. 

If you, or anyone you know, is into scrapbooking, I really recommend trying out -Embellish-Your-Story.  It is a great -scrapbook-alternative. Please let me know what you think of it, and send me pictures of your creations. I just might highlight them on our site. :)

Happy Crafting!!

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