Window Hanging Ornaments

 For Mother's Day, my children got me several hummingbird feeders.  We have them scattered throughout the yard and I think the kids are almost more excited than me when we see one!

We have some very cute window hanging ornaments that the kids recently helped me hang up around the house.  They are very pretty and, especially given how inexpensive they are, bring a burst of color into the room in an unexpected way.  

The butterfly and dragonfly pair are so colorful.  These are my favorite!

This butterfly and dragonfly combo isn't as bright as the first. My girls' have these in the window in their bedroom.

These hummingbirds by Sullivans are so delicate.  We put these in the window that faces the hummingbird feeders.

If you are looking for cute suncatchers or window ornaments, please be sure to check these out!

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