Speaking of Parades and Picnics...

The Fourth of July was very hot here- by hot, I mean really, really hot.  I wasn't sure the kids would be up for the annual bike parade, but to my surprise they were. They decorated bikes and rode down to the parade route and rode behind fire trucks. Then, they got completely drenched as the firefighters pulled out their hoses and let the kids "spray" a hill that kids had the option of standing on to be targets. Mine of course, were drenched head to toe!

We enjoyed a picnic lunch afterwards and had a lot of fun. Picnics always put me on the lookout for ants which made me realize that these resin ants by 180Degrees would be really cute as table centerpieces.  Next time I have people over for an outdoor bbq I'm going to try them out.


July 08, 2013 by Anne Donnelly
Tags: ants
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