Adventures in Grilling

My dad loved grilling.  The only problem was he tended to grill things on too high of a heat.  (At least this is what one of my brothers claimed to be the problem).  His form of grilling would mean charcoal covered chicken (with the meat still raw) and very rare steak and hamburgers.  He really disliked chicken-so I think he did that on purpose- knowing that my mom would not have him grill it as we all feared for our lives any time he attempted to.  He preferred steaks and hamburgers cooked rare so he did that on purpose too, leaving the rest of us (the other 6), to learn to enjoy having our meat finalized in the oven or microwave.  It is amazing that none of us became vegetarians now that I think about it.

This past spring, my dad, mom, one of my brothers and sister, went to the spring gift show to see what manufacturers were releasing for the upcoming season.    The show is giant, and interspersed with the home and holiday décor, they have food booths (to my dad and brothers delight!).  They sampled everything and were so excited to announce that they’d found the best seasonings for those that like to grill that they had ever tasted.  And, even better, would be able to add them to the product line.  Now, mind you, we only sold home and holiday décor so this was not a normal product line addition.  They loved it so much though, the line was added.  My dad has recently passed away, so it is with a mixture of excitement and a heavy heart that I am able to announce that is now selling Urban Accents Gourmet Seasonings.  I hope you give it a try.  Here are a few of my dad’s favorites:











There are quite a few other flavors and varieties. For a complete listing, click here. Happy grilling to all!
July 25, 2013 by Anne Donnelly
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