Trick or Treat - Just for Practice

My neighbors are used to my house being completely decorated for holidays - both inside and out.  After we finished putting decorations up outside, my kids (and all of the other kids in the neighborhood), really got into the spirit of the holiday.  By this, I mean they decided to try a practice round of trick or treating.  They proceeded to knock on neighbor doors and say "trick or treat" and then would burst into giggles at the confusion of the person answering the door. Imagine their surprise when one of the neighbors happened to have a bag of Halloween candy near the door.  And, not only that, he delivered the goods by giving them all candy.  The kids were beyond delighted and the neighbor felt like king of the cul de sac. That is, until a few minutes later when the kids decided to knock again.  After that, we had to tell the kids there would be no more "practice" rounds before the big night. 

Black Glittered Owl Halloween Silhouette

This year I added two of these silhouettes to my bookshelf.  These, along with the flickering candles are spectacular!  I have one on each side and the candles in the middle. They look so good!

Orange and Black Flickering Pillar Candles


These are the flickering candles that are in between the Owl Silhouettes.  They really are amazing, as they look like they are actual candles.  Paired with the silhouettes, they make the "shadows" dance.



October 18, 2013 by Anne Donnelly
Tags: Halloween
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