30 Days of Thanks

Every November I see a post go through Facebook on 30 days of thanks. The idea is that every day you post something new that you are thankful for.  I must admit I have never participated in it, but I do enjoy seeing the posts others faithfully put online each day.  For some reason, today it made me wonder why is it that people only focus on things they are grateful for in November?  Could posting one thing we are thankful for each day help people appreciate and see the joy in their lives a little more? Something to ponder....


I'm still in the process of taking down Halloween decorations and putting Thanksgiving ones up---I know I am so far behind this month I hardly know where to begin.  I saw a review from one of our customers on our Thanksgiving Pilgrim Bird Family that I thought was so cute. The person said her daughter saw the bird family as a representation of her family- one for the little girl, and one for each of her parents.  I love it when I hear things like that because my children do the exact same thing! 

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Bird Family


Some more cute birds that complement the bird family:


Thanksgiving Pilgrim Birds



November 06, 2013 by Anne Donnelly
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