Happy Halloween!

I don't know if you've noticed this, but it is much easier to find Halloween decorations now- especially if you are into really scary ones.   I have younger children, so I have spent quite a bit of time finding decorations that are more whimsical and focus on the lighter side of Halloween.  

When we were selecting Halloween items for this year, I had not noticed that we had created a theme. A majority of our items revolve around witches and spiders.  

Halloween Decoration - 8" Witches Hat with Large Dangling Spider & Golden Spider Web (All Colors (Set of 3))


These witch hats are new this year, and they are quite bright and vibrant.  They can be purchased individually or as a set.  I  have all three and have placed them in different areas in the same room.  Along with them, I have one of the long-legged spiders.  

GIANT Hanging Spider Halloween Decoration, Grey Fabric, 66 Inch Long Legs!

The spider, in particular, has become quite the conversation piece!  Enjoy Halloween- Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before you know it!



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