Pumpkin Patches

I don't know if you've noticed this, but pumpkin patches have transformed into quite an experience lately.  I remember when pumpkin patches were just a field with pumpkins.  You were in and out in under an hour with the pumpkin of choice- that is all the patch had---pumpkins!

Now, pumpkin patches are homes to the largest corn maze, have corn baths (these always make me cringe), rides, food, holiday decorations, and a few pumpkins.  As soon as our "family" pumpkin patch started charging for parking your car, we found a new patch to go to.  Each year I see it transform a little more into the "experience" farm so I expect it too to start charging for parking in the next few years. 

Pumpkin patches are able to offer holiday decorations at a huge markup.  So, if your pumpkin patch starts carrying cute décor, be sure to check out our site before you make that impulse buy.  We supply quite a few patches with their items- so be sure to check us out.  Although you won't be able to take your decoration home with you right that moment, we promise we can get it to you as fast as the next day if desired. Happy Halloween!


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