The Summer Peacock

 I don't know if you've seen this bird, but I absolutely LOVE it!  The owls were all the fashion during winter, and the chicks took over spring.  I will be truly surprised if these peacocks aren't all adopted by July.    Haven't seen what I am talking about? Well, let me help you. Here is the Spring/Summer Peacock:


Raz Imports 24 Spring/Summer Peacock on Stand

Speaking of peacocks...

We live near the Folsom CA zoo and I take my kids their quite often.  One of the things I find most charming about this zoo is that they have chickens and peacocks that run around the zoo freely (this is a very small zoo). Now, my 5 and 7 year old love them.  They hear their loud calls (and I mean LOUD!) and search them out.  My younger two children will do everything to avoid them at all costs because the peacocks quite often are larger than they are!  Before I go, here are two more peacocks you may want to check out- while not as tall as the first, they are still quite grand and beautiful!

Raz Imports 20" Peacocks on Stands

Happy Friday everyone!