My kids are obsessed with butterflies right now. They see them flying by, and no matter what we are doing outside, all four will stop and watch them to evaluate whether or not they have a chance at catching them.  Last year my two year old was watching her older sisters attempt to catch butterflies and bounded down the lawn and yelled out as her butterfly (in actuality a bee) stung her hand.  Even though she had that run in early on, she still loves all bugs and creatures.  I'm sure she has forgotten what the sting felt like, but I am in awe at her resilience and just how much she loves all things creepy crawly.  I am also amazed at how fast she is. Not only can she catch butterflies like the big ones, she is the first of my children to be able to catch a blue belly lizard on her own. Quite a feet for a little 3 year old!

Raz Imports 6.5" Jeweled Green Clip-on Butterfly

Imagine my mom's surprise when she went to a wedding a short while ago and she saw "our" butterflies at the reception.  These beautiful butterflies were clipped onto the sashes of each of the chairs at the outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe.  They were majestic, and everyone of the guests was in love with them.  I've clipped them to the bows of birthday presents and, use them on my Christmas tree each year.  My tree primarily  has red, gold and silver butterflies- I guess I kind of help promote my kids' love of them year round!