Chickens...or Roosters?

 Now that the weather is nice, the kids and I have been taking our dog for a walk most mornings.  In the past month, when we get near a particular house the kids start getting excited because they can hear them---the faint chirps of chicks.  Apparently, a house down the road has a chicken coop.  I've always heard how terrible they smell- and I can honestly say, aside from the recent chirping, we had no idea one was there!  Now, the town we live in is a little obsessed with chickens even though we do not really live in the country.  Maybe the obsession isn't directly with chickens, but the idea of chickens.  In fact, there is a yearly event here called "Tour De Cluck".  It is a very popular event. If you are lucky, your chicken coop in your yard is a featured destination in this bike ride tour around town.  I kid you not- this is very popular here.  My kids feel that we should have chickens, or that my parents should get chickens. The only thing I can think of is the mess they would bring and the dreaded smell that I have heard so  much about. Plus, with my luck we would end up with a rooster that would wake up the town. Even worse, I wonder what people do with the chickens when they stop producing eggs. My mom said when she was growing up, those were the chickens they would cook for dinner. I don't think I'd have the heart to explain to my kids where "Sally" disappeared to, much less actually follow through with that myself. So, for now, we enjoy the sounds of chickens on our walks and our "pretend" chickens that I've featured here.  I highly recommend these if you have kids trying to talk you into getting chickens of your own...

This is a Mary Lake Thompson Flour Sack Towel. They are so durable, and the best for drying dishes. Best yet, they are cute and functional!

Now, these metal Raz Imports Roosters are really cute. They are 16.5" tall and I love them.  If you have these in your kitchen and the Mary Thompson towels as accents, they really stand out.  You will not be disappointed- and best yet- you won't have to clean anything up or hear constant clucking in the background. Unfortunately, you won't be able to enter to be a destination stop for the Tour de Cluck.




If my parents ever cave in and get chickens I'll be sure to post pictures of their coop. For now, the kids and I are satisfied with our dog and cat.

-Raz-Imports-Rooster and -Mary-Lake-Thomspon-Flour-Sack-Towels

May 29, 2013 by Anne Donnelly

Easter Rabbits, Eggs & Wreaths

I recently took down my Valentines Day decorations and I realized, that St Patrick's Day and Easter are very close this year. I try not to skip holidays and decorate my house accordingly.  Even though there aren't many St Patrick's Day decorations, I somehow manage to pull off an Irish feel to the house.  I must admit that this year, I have been so tempted to go straight to the Easter decorations.  There are so many cute ones that I just cannot wait to display.  Not only are the decorations incredibly cute, they are so bright and cheery.  They really help remind me that Spring is almost here and that soon we'll be able to enjoy the warm nights outside with friends.  For now, here are some of my favorite new items that I hope you notice on our site!