The Perfect Corporate Gift

Each year it seems we are reminded earlier and earlier to start thinking about gifts for our close friends and families.  For some in business, there is another dimension to consider—the corporate gift.  When I was in corporate sales, I always tried to think of unique items for customers.  There were the standard business-logo gifts our organization had, but I always wanted to add that extra touch to really get my customers to be loyal to me.  I did everything from make homemade cookies and brownies to the standard See’s candy boxes.  One year, when I was feeling overly zealous, I remember making hundreds of Santa Ornaments with my family.  They were very popular, but our kitchen table was never quite the same afterwards (and I won’t talk about the feathers that were everywhere for months).  For someone looking for a unique corporate gift, Perfectly Festive has the perfect thing--these little 6” wine bottle ornaments.  They are festive, cute and will not be something that they receive from anyone else—exactly what makes them the perfect corporate gift.