My kids are obsessed with butterflies right now. They see them flying by, and no matter what we are doing outside, all four will stop and watch them to evaluate whether or not they have a chance at catching them.  Last year my two year old was watching her older sisters attempt to catch butterflies and bounded down the lawn and yelled out as her butterfly (in actuality a bee) stung her hand.  Even though she had that run in early on, she still loves all bugs and creatures.  I'm sure she has forgotten what the sting felt like, but I am in awe at her resilience and just how much she loves all things creepy crawly.  I am also amazed at how fast she is. Not only can she catch butterflies like the big ones, she is the first of my children to be able to catch a blue belly lizard on her own. Quite a feet for a little 3 year old!

Raz Imports 6.5" Jeweled Green Clip-on Butterfly

Imagine my mom's surprise when she went to a wedding a short while ago and she saw "our" butterflies at the reception.  These beautiful butterflies were clipped onto the sashes of each of the chairs at the outdoor wedding in Lake Tahoe.  They were majestic, and everyone of the guests was in love with them.  I've clipped them to the bows of birthday presents and, use them on my Christmas tree each year.  My tree primarily  has red, gold and silver butterflies- I guess I kind of help promote my kids' love of them year round!


Fill Your Home With Fun & Festive Patriotic Decorations

 I'm sitting here, trying to drink my coffee while my two youngest kids are chasing each other and the dog around the house.  For some reason, it is times like this that I start thinking about all of the other things I need to do.  For example, now I realize that I have still not put up all of the Memorial Day decorations.  Would that stop the kids from running around? No, but for some reason that is what I found myself thinking about today.  Well, that and the birthday party for my just-turned-6 year old daughter and 20 of her closest friends that is this weekend.  

So, to stop the kids from running around I had to distract them with something more fun- which today is an art project.  For a 1 and 3 year old, there is nothing better than finger painting -  except maybe finger painting rocks.  So, I have them painting rocks they have found around the yard in red, white, and blue paint.  Those will add a very homey feel to some of the decorations we'll be using for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!

 There are lots of fun patriotic decorations you can purchase that don't require as much work.   I love this Patriotic Ball Garland draped over the entryway and on mantels.  I've also included some other wonderful Patriotic decorations that you can incorporate into your own displays.  They are too cute to miss!


Here are some other cute decorations you won't want to miss:

The 6' Glittered Star Garland

The 17" Star Sprays - you can add these to the base of plants in pots around your house or yard, or make a very cute centerpiece with them.

13.5" Hanging Patriotic Bows

And, of course I couldn't leave out my favorite.  This Raz Imports Hydrangea dog is the cutest thing you will ever see for the Fourth of July.  There are still a few left, so be sure to get yours while you can.

The Summer Peacock

 I don't know if you've seen this bird, but I absolutely LOVE it!  The owls were all the fashion during winter, and the chicks took over spring.  I will be truly surprised if these peacocks aren't all adopted by July.    Haven't seen what I am talking about? Well, let me help you. Here is the Spring/Summer Peacock:


Raz Imports 24 Spring/Summer Peacock on Stand

Speaking of peacocks...

We live near the Folsom CA zoo and I take my kids their quite often.  One of the things I find most charming about this zoo is that they have chickens and peacocks that run around the zoo freely (this is a very small zoo). Now, my 5 and 7 year old love them.  They hear their loud calls (and I mean LOUD!) and search them out.  My younger two children will do everything to avoid them at all costs because the peacocks quite often are larger than they are!  Before I go, here are two more peacocks you may want to check out- while not as tall as the first, they are still quite grand and beautiful!

Raz Imports 20" Peacocks on Stands

Happy Friday everyone!

A Star Patriotic Display

 Presidents Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July all used to be tough holidays to decorate for. Sure, you have an American flag you can hang, but what else can you do?  Well, thanks to PerfectlyFestive.com, there are several different displays you can create for one or all of these holidays.  Here is a breakdown on how to create the display I've pictured here. I've added a cute patriotic dog at the end that I couldn't resist- he is too cute to leave out of any display you might create at home or your office.

This display is a perfect centerpiece for a festive table.  To make it, start with your favorite vase.  This particular centerpiece is using an antique white urn.  Then, you will need:

3 of the Raz Imports 25" Glittered Patriotic Pom Pom Sprays

6 Raz Imports 37" Glittered Firework  Sprays

Optional addition is the green spray that is in the urn.  

These stars are hung on the wall behind the display you have created.  The perfect touch!  You will want to order at least one red, one blue, and one silver.

This Raz Imports 26.5 Patriotic Hydrangea Dog is the decoration of choice if you have children in your household. My kids LOVE this decoration and, I must admit, it moves throughout the house between Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

Check back for other patriotic arrangements that you can make.

A Closer Look

We at PerfectlyFestive.com have been experimenting with new ways to showcase our products. So many times we hear from people that the items they received are even better looking than what they envisioned from our photos online. As  result, we've started a youtube channel.  We've even included a shortcut link to it on our main page. You can check there periodically and see some of our new items, or, if you have a specific item you are looking at, you can see if we have a video image of it.  Here are some of the items that you can currently check out on the channel:

 Hydrangea Bunnies


Glittering Easter Eggs


Sullivan's Red & White Icicle Ornament

The ornaments, in particular, are easier to visualize from the videos. You get a better idea of their size and how beautiful they are. Stay tuned for more in the future!

Easter Decorations You Won't Want To Miss

Ready or not, Easter is less than two weeks away!  I've finally completed decorations for my house.  With Easter following so close to St Patrick's Day this year, it was not an easy task. I'm never quite sure which decorations will stand out in the minds of my kids.  The garland on the mantel is always a favorite, but some I wouldn't have been able to predict.  Here are some of the Easter decorations from our site that you will want to be sure not to miss as they are new found favorites with the kids in my house!

The Easter Bunny Hat Wreath - my kids and all of their friends LOVE this.  The feet are very soft and they can't help but pet it every time they open our front door.


The cutest bunnies you have ever seen. I have these on our mantel, flanking the Easter Garland.

These egg ornaments are hanging from the chandelier in our dining room, and they are egg-ceptional!



Another show stopper at our house are these flickering candles...try not to miss out on these hidden gems!


I remember growing up and helping my grandma make traditional holiday meals. One of my favorite things that she made was her homemade cinnamon rolls. We would have those for breakfast on Christmas morning, and if we were lucky, for Easter as well.  Part of the process involved covering up a bowl full of dough with a light towel.  The towels that she used were ones that she had made. I remember them vividly, having studied the colorful flowers she had stitched on them.  They were towels she had made from old flour sacks from long ago.  The towels were very soft, lightweight and just the sight of them, brought joy because I knew we would be cooking something amazing.

Imagine my surprise when at a recent show, I came across some towels - not just any towels - but flour sack towels! I was so excited. I truly thought that these did not exist any longer.  Whether you do baking, are looking for decorative towels, or the best towels to dry dishes, you will see why I absolutely love these towels!!