A Closer Look

We at PerfectlyFestive.com have been experimenting with new ways to showcase our products. So many times we hear from people that the items they received are even better looking than what they envisioned from our photos online. As  result, we've started a youtube channel.  We've even included a shortcut link to it on our main page. You can check there periodically and see some of our new items, or, if you have a specific item you are looking at, you can see if we have a video image of it.  Here are some of the items that you can currently check out on the channel:

 Hydrangea Bunnies


Glittering Easter Eggs


Sullivan's Red & White Icicle Ornament

The ornaments, in particular, are easier to visualize from the videos. You get a better idea of their size and how beautiful they are. Stay tuned for more in the future!

Easter Decorations You Won't Want To Miss

Ready or not, Easter is less than two weeks away!  I've finally completed decorations for my house.  With Easter following so close to St Patrick's Day this year, it was not an easy task. I'm never quite sure which decorations will stand out in the minds of my kids.  The garland on the mantel is always a favorite, but some I wouldn't have been able to predict.  Here are some of the Easter decorations from our site that you will want to be sure not to miss as they are new found favorites with the kids in my house!

The Easter Bunny Hat Wreath - my kids and all of their friends LOVE this.  The feet are very soft and they can't help but pet it every time they open our front door.


The cutest bunnies you have ever seen. I have these on our mantel, flanking the Easter Garland.

These egg ornaments are hanging from the chandelier in our dining room, and they are egg-ceptional!



Another show stopper at our house are these flickering candles...try not to miss out on these hidden gems!

What is a Swag?

 I find it hard to believe that Christmas is just a week away.  It seems like just yesterday I was posting about the wonderful Christmas items we had ordered---back in July!! With that said, I've had several people ask me what a swag is, and what do you do with it?  

 Swags are kind of like garlands...or pieces of garlands.  A lot of times, florists will use them to make an arrangement "pop" when you look at it.  Some swags-as you'll see on our site- have creatures like white owls, or fruit, or just look like branches with jewels on them.  There are a lot of really cool things you can do with them.  I have several different types of "swags" that I put in my Christmas tree.  If you look at the decorated trees on our site, you can see how we have incorporated them.  Everyone that comes into my house comments on how spectacular the tree is each year, and I can honestly say it is because of the "swags" that I have incorporated.

This year, I added a new garland to my staircase.  I began with a plain light up pine garland and added different "swags" and some ornaments to it. I used florist wire that I purchased at Michaels to secure everything.  I used the white and tiffany poinsettias, some of the ornaments from the Forest Frost collection, a few of the evergreen sprays, and some of the bead sprays. Then, I wove a large gold wire ribbon through it.  It sounds like I am an incredibly crafty person, but let me be honest, I am not. I have four kids under age 7, so it was INCREDIBLY easy and quick or I never would have accomplished it. Plus, the kids have gone up and down the staircase numerous times and nothing has fallen off.  I have received lots of complements on it and people have asked me where I bought it!  Don't be afraid of the sprays! Start off small (get a few to place in your tree--I usually put them in the "bare spots" that inevitably are there), then, get brave and try to make some of your own arrangements. People will be convinced that you have hired a decorator!!

Halloween Owls

 We finished decorating for Halloween a few weeks ago and it is always so much fun to see how all of the items work together.  Unlike Christmas, where a lot of items are created and designed to be put together, Halloween requires a bit more imagination.  Luckily for you, we have a top team of designers that have created different arrangements that you can replicate in your homes or office.

You may have noticed that owls are playing a large role in everything this season.  The Halloween owls, in particular, have stolen the show in the office.  Children and adults alike have been drawn to them - they are really cute. They can be placed near pumpkins, large sprays or even displayed on their own.  I hope you love them as much as I do!

Christmas in July

With the weather as hot as it is outside, you must think it is crazy to be thinking of Christmas in July.  The truth is, for holiday stores, now is one of the busiest times....not necessarily in foot traffic, but in receiving!  It is Christmas in July here as we are currently receiving boxes upon boxes of holiday decorations for the upcoming season.  

Our staff gets quite excited opening each box to see the new products.  We are most excited about the 2012 Christmas product line.  I can tell you firsthand that the products this year are exceptional.  Our buyers pick out our products earlier in the year, but most of us have only seen photos of the products- much like you will find on our website.   We are so excited about the quality and, most importantly, how cute and perfectly festive everything looks and feels!  We truly cannot wait for everyone to get into the 2012 holiday spirit with us.  

I hope you enjoy browsing our website and looking at the wonderful holiday ornaments, decorations, arrangements, trees and mantels. Most importantly, I look forward to hearing your feedback when you receive your orders and see how cute everything is!  Until then, Merry Christmas in July!


July 17, 2012 by Anne Donnelly