Fill Your Home With Fun & Festive Patriotic Decorations

 I'm sitting here, trying to drink my coffee while my two youngest kids are chasing each other and the dog around the house.  For some reason, it is times like this that I start thinking about all of the other things I need to do.  For example, now I realize that I have still not put up all of the Memorial Day decorations.  Would that stop the kids from running around? No, but for some reason that is what I found myself thinking about today.  Well, that and the birthday party for my just-turned-6 year old daughter and 20 of her closest friends that is this weekend.  

So, to stop the kids from running around I had to distract them with something more fun- which today is an art project.  For a 1 and 3 year old, there is nothing better than finger painting -  except maybe finger painting rocks.  So, I have them painting rocks they have found around the yard in red, white, and blue paint.  Those will add a very homey feel to some of the decorations we'll be using for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July!

 There are lots of fun patriotic decorations you can purchase that don't require as much work.   I love this Patriotic Ball Garland draped over the entryway and on mantels.  I've also included some other wonderful Patriotic decorations that you can incorporate into your own displays.  They are too cute to miss!


Here are some other cute decorations you won't want to miss:

The 6' Glittered Star Garland

The 17" Star Sprays - you can add these to the base of plants in pots around your house or yard, or make a very cute centerpiece with them.

13.5" Hanging Patriotic Bows

And, of course I couldn't leave out my favorite.  This Raz Imports Hydrangea dog is the cutest thing you will ever see for the Fourth of July.  There are still a few left, so be sure to get yours while you can.