10" Bunny Display Pieces (Set of 2)


Brand RAZ Imports

'-RAZ 10" Fluffy White Bunnies - - These white Easter Bunnies -are almost one foot tall! - Everyone in our office just loves these rabbits, so if you are looking for a unique conversation piece -to add to -your Easter decorations, -these are it! - Folks can't believe we are selling them for such a low price. - The pink ribbons and -soft, white chenille,yarn make them one of the cutest Easter bunnies available. - Some people are purchasing these rabbits -as baby shower gifts to decorate the new baby's room, even though they are just for decorative purposes. - - 2 -Styles - White Rabbits with -Pink Ribbons - Fluffy, white chenille yarn- Black eyes and black nose - Made of Polyester on a synthetic base - Measures 10" high X 8" wide -X 4" -deep - RAZ Imports Easter Decorations - RAZ Imports 2013 Bunny Tales Theme - Rabbit-fluffy-white-ten-inche -

  • Measures: 10" x 8" x 4"
  • Made of Polyester/Polyfoam
  • RAZ Imports Spring 2012 Bunny Tales theme