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RAZ Imports - 11" Easter Egg Basket


Brand RAZ Imports

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'- RAZ 11" Easter Egg Basket- This basket is almost one foot tall, so it is quite a large display piece!- When it's time for Easter, why not have fun putting up some Easter decorations? - Our Easter egg basket is a lovely item to show off in your home or -on your Easter dinner table. - Tropical vine is woven by hand to create this -basket.. - The basket contains nine pastel colored eggs, five of which are decorated with delicate -swirls of contrasting colors -or polka dots. - A few flower blossoms add to the effect. - Set a theme by choosing some additional coordinating items -from the Bunny Tales Collection -at Perfectly Festive. -We'll make designer decorating easy for you. - - Eggs are pink, blue and pale green -Egg size 2" wide x 1.5" high - Basket measures 11" high, 9" wide (base is 5" wide) -RAZ Imports Easter Decorations - RAZ Imports 2013 Bunny Tales Theme - Easter-egg-basket- -

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  • RAZ 11" Easter Egg Basket
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