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RAZ Imports - 19" Easter Bunny Gingerbread Cookie


Brand RAZ Imports

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'- RAZ 19" Easter -Bunny Gingerbread Cookie- At over 1.5 -feet tall, -this is what you call a big gingerbread cookie! - This large Easter bunny rabbit cookie is covered with white "icing", which has green and pink accents. - It is lightly dusted with glitter and with -its easel back it can stand or be hung. - White/Pink/Green -Measures 19" X 8.5" X 3/4" -Hang it up or -Sit it down (easel back)- RAZ Imports 2013 Bunny Tales Theme - Easter-bunny-gingerbread-white-pink-green -

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  • RAZ 19" Easter Bunny Gingerbread Cookie
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