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RAZ Imports - Adorable 11" Christmas Tree Plush Skating Reindeer Christmas Ornament / Display Piece


Brand RAZ Imports

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This large Reindeer is going to skate it's way right into your heart. Use it as a display piece on your table top display this Christmas, or add it as a beautiful Christmas Ornament to your Christmas Tree. These Reindeer are plush and have great detail stitched into their fabric for added detail. The Antlers are made of metal and scroll into little loops, and their skates have a flat surface on the bottom to allow them to stand up on their own. Their legs have metal pieces inside so you can even pose them in cute skating poses if you like. Made of Polyester - Measures 13"x9.5"x3.5" - Artist: Rena Askey. Not intended for Children - For Decorative Use Only

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