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RAZ Imports - Brown Poinsettia Stem 24"


Brand RAZ Imports

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'-Brown Poinsettia Stem 24" - It's amazing the statement a single flower can make - and nothing is easier to display than a Poinsettia. - This rich brown poinsettia has a mix of solid and sheer leaves. - Slip your poinsettia into a decorative container or tuck them into your Christmas tree. - You'll - be amazed at the dramatic effect a few of these can create. - They are almost one foot in diameter, so you don't need many stems. - Brown/Green - Made of Polyester - Measures 11" with 24" Stem - RAZ Imports Royal Spruce and Midnight Clear Themes - poinsettia-brown-stem -

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  • Brown Poinsettia Stem 24"
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