RAZ Imports - Glittered Gold Lattice Ornaments


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'-Glittered Gold Lattice Ornaments - These -fantastic gold ornaments are huge! -They have a base color of gold and -are dusted -with soft gold colored glitter. - The lattice design is outlined with gold glitter. - Small golden sequins cover some of the scroll design in the center. - The design is the same on both sides of the ornament. - A clear plastic, gem stone is centered on both sides of the ornament. They're amazing ornaments on your tree.- -2 Asst Gold - Paper Mache - Item A measures 13" x 5" and 1.5" wide - Item B measures 12" x 6.5" and 2" wide - RAZ Imports Winter's Warmth and Embellished Joy Themes- -ornament-gold-lattice-13-inches - -

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