RAZ Imports - Glittered Red and Green "Merry" Ornaments


Brand RAZ Imports

'-Glittered Red and Green "Merry" Ornaments - These glittered red and green ornaments are made of paper. On a white background "Merry" statements in green are -framed with red glitter. - The backs of the ornaments -are solid red and glittered. - These large ornaments are so dramatic on a Christmas tree or wherever you choose to hang them.- 2 Assorted - Red/Green - Back of ornament is solid red glitter - Made of Paper - Measures 8" X 7", 6" X 6" - Artist: Tina Higgins - ornaments-glittered-red-green-merry -

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  • Glittered Red and Green "Merry" Ornaments
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