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RAZ Imports - Multicolored Gingerbread Trees


Brand RAZ Imports

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'-Multicolored Gingerbread Tress - Gingerbread designs are some of the most popular and intricate holiday decorations. Now, you can have them in your house, without the mess and time required to make them each year. - These trees (one measures 12.5" X 4", the other 10" X 3.5") made of clay dough, are brightly colored with imitation candy and snow. - They make wonderful additions to tables, counters, or mantel. - For the ultimate of display, be sure to check out the gingerbread houses that complement them. Simply search for gingerbread on the website and you will be amazed at how beautiful the displays look together!- Set/2 Multicolored - Made of Clay Dough - Measures 12.5" X 4", 10" X 3.5" - RAZ Imports Cookie Confections and Chocolate Moose Themes - gingerbread-trees-multicolored -

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